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AutoCAD 1 (1981-1996)

AutoCAD 1 is a computer-aided drafting (CAD) software system with vector graphics, animation, and shape editing. It was originally developed by Autodesk, Inc. in 1981, with the first version released in September of that year.

AutoCAD 1 was designed to be used by architects, engineers, draftsmen, surveyors, and other professionals for creating 2D design drawings and documentation for construction projects.

This first release of AutoCAD supported only two files, a macro file called AIML, and a macro project called LAX. These were files that contained all the drawing information, functions, macros, and documents used by a particular user. The LAX project file contained everything that was specific to a particular user, which was not included in the AIML file. However, the AIML project could be transferred to other users in the same way that the LAX project could. The AIML macro project was transferred by using a floppy disk and an Autocad software program. An Autocad user’s name would be written to the macro project file, which could then be read by another Autocad user. When a macro project was transferred from one user to another, it was necessary to delete the original project, save it to a floppy disk, and then reload the disk into the Autocad software program.

Because there were only two files, there were only two types of project files, AIML and LAX. There were some drawbacks to the AIML project file system, though.

The AIML file could not be moved to another computer, which prevented a user from saving the AIML file to a floppy disk for transfer to another user.

The user could not open a document that had been created using AIML or LAX. The only way to open such a file was to open it using the Draw project file.

The LAX project was restricted to a specific user because of the use of the macro project, which could not be saved for use by other users.

The LAX project was limited to a small size; because of this size restriction, the LAX project was limited in its ability to store a large number of different drawing features.

AutoCAD 2 (1987-1993)

Autodesk released AutoCAD 2 in 1987. The introduction of

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ABI Connector

In 2006, the Autodesk ABI Connector is an add-on application that allows designers to design in the native 3D environment of AutoCAD Cracked Version. It is available for the Windows operating system and does not need to be installed as a separate application. It can also be downloaded from Autodesk Exchange as the Autodesk ABI Connector.

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AutoCAD 19.1 Registration Code

Open the SoftwareTools folder of your Autodesk software and find the folder named „autocad“, then copy the folder „userdata\autocad\AutoCAD.PAS“
Paste the „AutoCAD.pas“ file into the „userdata\autocad\AutoCAD.PAS“ folder (case sensitive) and make sure you uncheck the box „lock application“

Go to your Autodesk’s software home and enter an activated user.
Start Autocad
This should now allow you to enter your serial number.

It does not work, please help!


Mentioned on Autocad website:

„To reset the serial number, you must do the following:

Launch Autodesk AutoCAD and select the „User Preferences“ icon (the gear icon) at the top left corner.
Select the „User Settings“ tab.
Select the „Key“ option.
Select „No“ for the „Reset keys on application exit“ option.
Click OK to complete the operation.“


You can download the trial version from here and then try using a trial serial key to activate the software:

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What’s New In?

Visual Debugger:

Track and annotate design flaws before even committing to paper. See what could go wrong as you work.

Character Styles:

Gain full control of multiple drawing attributes for more precise control over your design. Use character styles for non-textual data, to display date, time, and date-time information, or to set color to help clarify your drawings. (video: 1:44 min.)

Sketch Filters:

Make design and draft time more efficient. Use drawing filters, including “Thick Shapes” and “Groundline” to quickly apply design elements, and “Clipping” to mask areas in your drawings for more effective tracing.

Drafting and collaboration tools:

Gain unprecedented transparency and collaborative control. Share your work with others, and everyone’s edits will appear automatically in the drawing. (video: 1:53 min.)

Dynamically Linked Views:

Use dynamic drawing tools, including with Ortho, AutoCenter, and Zoom. Re-render views as you move between drawing areas, and quickly get back to where you were when you clicked or dragged.


Save favorite shapes, blocks, and other standard entities and use Collections to reference them easily. Find the shapes you need quickly. (video: 1:35 min.)

Improved Device Integration:

Easily share and manage CAD and Internet-connected devices. Pin a device directly to your drawing. You can draw on screen or over any device with the right tools, including a 3D stylus. (video: 1:43 min.)

New Features in AutoCAD 2023 Update

Designed for the modern digital landscape, AutoCAD 2023 Update includes new features and enhancements to address how designers work today. New features include:

Wacom® pen or stylus support in AutoCAD 2023 Update

Create digital drawings directly on screen, tablet, or other modern drawing surface with support for Wacom® pen and stylus. Design sketches, notes, and annotations can be made directly on screen, on your mobile device, or on an electronic drawing surface.

See the complete Autodesk blog post

Live preview of layers and groups as you edit

Design changes are immediately reflected in the drawing, and you can navigate to any layer or group

System Requirements:

*Must use DLC Pack 1
*MAC: Homebrew Launcher
*Windows: Homebrew Launcher
Wasteland 2: Survival Edition
1. Select Install from Steam
2. Click to launch Steam
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4. Select ok, and wait for the client to update itself.
5. When update completes, launch game.
6. Launch the game through Steam
7. Look for a message that says „0.7.0“ or „0